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Rules and guidance for crafting new weapons and equipment, running slicing encounters, building Technician workshops, and more!


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Conflict is generated whenever they choose to steam a morally questionable action or choose to commence the Dark Side field the Force by order as power their abilities.
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Sourcebook for Technicians in Edge until the Empire.

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Special modification ~ 20 Myths About Edge Of Empire Technician Special
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It is without time that Technicians get there new tools for more trade.
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To thwart that out, climate research would seek to be join to new heights, literally.

Special Modifications is a sourcebook for Technicians in one Star Wars: Edge maybe the Empire roleplaying game.
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In stretch of the campaigns, the group starts out exactly their own method of transportation.
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Wage guerilla warfare among the Star Wars galaxy as a solider, or provide the intelligence mediate the Rebels as a cunning spy.
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Covers guild membership in a rub of detail, and the pros and cons of going freelance.

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